Product Development & Endorsement

Product Development & Endorsement

Are helping people to live better lives by improving posture?

We may be able to help. We work with individuals and companies on all levels of new product development and marketing. Contact us today to schedule a time to speak with posture and aging expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger.

Product Development

Product Endorsement or Advocacy

Product Marketing & Visibility

Set up a phone or in-person consultation to:

  • Discuss and develop concept
  • Fine-tune or improve design
  • Product evaluation
  • Develop supportive materials

Prelaunch or at market? After a thorough evaluation of product design, supportive materials, effectiveness, usefulness and ease of use we may be able to provide:

  • Supporting research
  • Product comparison opinion or report
  • Expert quote or endorsement.

After a comprehensive product assessment, we may be able to assist with product advocacy, marketing and visibility through:

  • Sell sheet development
  • Article / blog posts
  • Media desksides
  • Video demonstration
  • Public appearance
  • Sponsored conference speaker
  • Social media
  • Webinars (professional audience)
  • Product integration (professional audience)
  • Ecommerce (public/professional)

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