Posture Exercise

Strong-Posture-Specialist-CPEPIf you spend 18 hours a day sitting with your body folded, your posture folds and you’ll stand, move and feel old far before your time. Stand Taller Live Longer is a 7 week program to progressively teach you StrongPosture® focused motion exercises targeting the 3 elements of posture:


Combining principles of posture therapy, yoga and rehab exercise, the posture awareness and strengthening exercises in Stand Taller Live Longer trains your body to balance more effectively and move with greater control and awareness.

Just 10 minutes a day can reduce postural, bio-mechanic neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as maximizing the benefit of every other exercise you do, helping to keep you active and aging better. Designed by Dr. Steven Weiniger, posture expert and chiropractor with over 25 years of experience, StrongPosture® exercises train you to stand taller and move well in everything you do.

Posture-and-Aging-specialist-CPEPStrongPosture® exercises strengthen the three elements of posture: Balance, Alignment & Motion (BAM).

  • BALANCE: If your posture isn’t balanced, you fall down
  • ALIGNMENT: Poor posture alignment causes mechanical joint stress, breakdown and often pain from pressure on nerves and reduced circulation. Over time, weak alignment causes posture degeneration and “old posture”
  • MOTION: Muscles weaken and joints stiffen unless we keep moving

Perfect Posture Companion. Stand Taller Live Longer, Posture & Anti Aging Strategy is your companion book to the online video strong posture improvement course developed by Dr. Steven Weiniger.

Use it or lose it.  When a joint doesn’t move fully, the muscles controlling unused degrees in it’s range of motion weaken and atrophy.

“Posture develops over the years, but is strengthened in many moments. A few minutes of Strong Posture Exercise a day can train your body to stand taller, move better and live healthier.” Dr. Steven Weiniger






10 minutes a day of StrongPosture® exercise is a smart way to start getting in shape the right way.

Posture controls how you move, so the best way to keep moving well as you age is by strengthening posture.

Good posture and core control is a competitive edge to tune your body up before and after any workout.

Studies show that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for long periods has a negative impact on health and posture.

Daily StrongPosture® exercise helps you move, feel and be well!