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Working long hours sitting hunched in front of a keyboard puts a great deal of mechanical stress on the body.

Forward Head Breathing (FHB) is one of the reasons posture has such a huge effect on physical as well as emotional health. Spending hours looking down at a phone and other “tech-neck” posture habits pulls the head down, with the hands and shoulders held inward. The chest narrows, and over time will literally restrict your ability to take a deep breath,” says posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger.

But tech posture is not just about your neck. The diaphragm is the main breathing muscle, as well as being a core muscle that connects with the spine and low back.

Every clinician that emphasizes posture and posture training knows the key role of the diaphragm and breathing to improve posture. Strong, erect posture and using your core to breathe fully counters FHB, and is one reason why standing taller can literally help you live longer.

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