Corporate Retreats & Keynotes

Corporate Retreats & Keynotes

Sitting for long periods takes a toll on posture – and poor posture impacts energy levels, attitude, productivity, and overall health. There are things we can do to be proactive.

Talk to us about your employee wellness program or retreat.  We’ll connect you with Dr. Weiniger or a local CPEP® Posture Specialist.

Sitting, Standing and Living Smart

Strategies for Pain Prevention, Productivity and Stress Management 

Text-Neck and Tech-Back are taking a toll on our looks, health and attitude, at work and at play. Human bodies weren’t designed for chairs, much less spending a big part of life sitting hunched over with hands together, staring at a screen.

Sitting is the New Smoking. From compressing internal organs to folding muscles and stressing joints into “old posture,” posture is today’s unrecognized tech hazard.

Learn how a structured StrongPosture® break can unfold your body to combat tech-posture. Systematically focusing attention to retrain posture patterns will make you move better, reduce stress and improve your attitude. From managing neck and back pain to improving productivity with focused attention techniques, taking control of body function leads to happier people in a healthier workplace.

Join renowned speaker, author and posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger to experience how standing taller helps you feel better, look younger and can literally help you live longer.

  • Discover ways to sit (and stand) taller and stronger
  • Engage employees in personal wellness by “waking up” forgotten muscles, especially the deep core
  • Learn an individualized 1-2 minute StrongPosture® break to improve posture and get your blood going
  • Easy ergonomic tips and changes you can use anywhere

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Dr. Steven Weiniger has spoken for us on a number of occasions. These events were highly successful in large part because of Dr. Weiniger’s participation and his national reputation as an expert in posture rehabilitation and biomechanics.

Kristine Dowell, Executive Director, MAC

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with the numbers of students enrolling in [Dr. Weiniger’s] course increasing exponentially from term to term.

I recommend it highly.

Tolu A. Oyelowo, M.S., D.C., Chair, Department of Health Promotion & Wellness, NWHSU

[Dr. Weiniger] shared generously his knowledge of posture and professional information in the
development of resources and articles. His guidance has been of significant benefit to our program. Should you have the occasion to work with Dr. Weiniger I am confident you will be as pleased as we have been.

Deb Manz, CEO ACAC