Professional Conferences & Clinical Training

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Professional Conferences & Clinical Training

Dr. Steven Weiniger has availability to speak at your next event, conference, or stand-alone seminar. He will work with your organization to a customize program.


Keynotes to 12 hour seminars. We will provide an outline for an interactive, hands-on, lecture-lab format, clinical program. Attendees will learn actionable protocols to integrate in practice immediately.

Corporate Events

You’ve heard, “Sitting is the New Smoking?”  This applies to you, your colleagues and employees. Sitting for long periods takes a toll on posture – and poor posture impacts energy levels, attitude, productivity, and overall health. There are things we can do to be proactive. Talk to us about your next corporate retreat or employee wellness program.

Educational Institutions

Dr. Steven Weiniger speaks for colleges and universities and will customize a presentation for your students. Complete posture assessment and rehabilitation modules are also available. Live and online.


Clinical program design for back clinics and spine centers. Programs available for preventative care, fall prevention, rehabilitation, pre and post back surgery. Concise, effective and programmed, we’ll provide training and protocols staff therapists, trainers and physicians can implement immediately.

Private Clinics

Need help with your rehab program? We’ll bring you an A-Z, step-by-step rehab exercise protocol that takes the guesswork out of “what comes next”. Get results, compliance and enthusiastic engagement. Contact us to plan a private group training for your clinic and staff.

Professional Groups

Let us customize a program for your group. We’re prepared to deliver a health-based motivational keynote, clinical assessment-to-rehab course, or multi-visit retreat or training. Program content tailored for the audience, profession, age and goals.

Clinicians, Therapists & Trainers

Find a hands-on training near you! Click to view live, online and posture specialist certification options:

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Dr. Steven Weiniger has spoken for us on a number of occasions. These events were highly successful in large part because of Dr. Weiniger’s participation and his national reputation as an expert in posture rehabilitation and biomechanics.

Kristine Dowell, Executive Director, MAC

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with the numbers of students enrolling in [Dr. Weiniger’s] course increasing exponentially from term to term.

I recommend it highly.

Tolu A. Oyelowo, M.S., D.C., Chair, Department of Health Promotion & Wellness, NWHSU

[Dr. Weiniger] shared generously his knowledge of posture and professional information in the
development of resources and articles. His guidance has been of significant benefit to our program. Should you have the occasion to work with Dr. Weiniger I am confident you will be as pleased as we have been.

Deb Manz, CEO ACAC